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For many years researchers have sought answers to the causes of material deterioration.  Five major causes have been identified:

  • Acid catalyzed degradation of the cellulose fibers.

  • Oxidation of the cellulose molecules.

  • Ultra-violet light catalyzed degradation through highly complex mechanisms.

  • The attack of fungus or bacterial organisms which may thrive on chemicals that remain in paper after its manufacture.

  • Insect infestation.


The time capsule is a unique container, custom built to your specifications, with a controlled environment to protect and preserve virtually any material for centuries. The construction of the capsule enables us to guarantee it for 500 years against fire and flood damage should such natural disasters occur where the capsule is stored.

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Competitor's Time Capsule from 1996

The 3 images below are the results of a competitor's time capsule from 1996. Damage was extensive to complete. I also receive time capsule inquiries saying we should have gone with your company, we tried getting in touch with the company that we purchased it from (they are no longer in business).


Competitor's time capsule from 1996


Time Capsule for the Flight 587 Memorial in New York City


Time Capsule for America's 400th Anniversary
Jamestown, Virginia


Time Capsule for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers


Time Capsule for the Tri-City Covenant Church, New Hampshire


Time Capsule for the City of Westlake, Texas


50th Anniversary Time Capsule for Desegregation
Little Rock, Arkansas


Civil Air Patrol, 65th Anniversary Time Capsule
National Headquarters, Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama


Lewis and Clark Time Capsule
Jefferson City, Missouri


George Mason University Time Capsule
Fairfax, Virginia


Time Capsule Ceremony
Cedar Grove, New Jersey


EMH Regional Medical Center
Elyria, Ohio


Oklahoma State Centennial
Time Capsule


Las Vegas Convention And Visitors Authority
Time Capsule


Modelo Brewery in Torreon, Mexico
Time Capsule buried in New Soccer Stadium
Estadio Corona (Corona Stadium)


United States Navy Time Capsule
Monterey, California


Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)
Time Capsule


College of The Muscogee Nation
Time Capsule


Captain James A. Lovell
Federal Health Care Center
Time Capsule


OH Attorney
Mike DeWine


Westmoreland Country Club
Time Capsule

Martin Luther King Jr
Time Capsule

Time Capsule in the
Caterpillar Museum. Peoria ILL.


Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
Time Capsule

United States Medical Center
for Federal Prisoners


Volta River Authority Time Capsule
Akosombo, Ghana


Chickasaw Nation Time Capsule


Penn College Time Capsule

Meritas Time Capsule


City of Worcester Massachusetts
Time Capsule

Allegheny College in Pennsylvania
Time Capsule


Auto-Owners Insurance headquarters in
Lansing, Michigan. Celebrating 100 years.