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Advanced Technology

Time Capsules, Inc. Will preserve the paper off your desk. All are custom made to your specifications. Almost anything can be placed in the time capsule with few exceptions and guarantees it for 500 yrs.

Customized Time Capsules

It’s made of the highest quality stainless steel and gasket material, used extensively in the chemical and food industry. The time capsule and environment is inert to protect and preserve virtually any material for centuries.

Preservation for Anyone

Individuals, communities, corporations, cities, states, foreign governments. The scientifically proven way to safely store vital records and artifacts for the future.


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About Time Capsules Inc.

Our product is so reliable that 56 time capsules were used to capture our nation’s history during the Bicentennial celebration. Those capsules will be unearthed around the United States and its territories as part of a planned Tricentennial celebration in 2076.


Communities, church and civic organizations, museums, and businesses now have a thoroughly tested, scientifically proven way to safely store vital records and artifacts for the future. Regardless of who may be joining our future generations in discovering what made man tick in the 21st century, we can make you a part of history.


There’s no telling who may be reading over our shoulders 500 years from now. That’s why contemporary documents and memorabilia that are to be passed on to future generations deserve very special attention. Time Capsules, Inc. will custom build a container especially for you to protect your items from the effects of time. The capsule is extraordinary!

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